In Tony Morgan’s blog he talked about leadership today.  He’s challenging us to reflect on who or what we look to for leadership development.  That’s been something we’ve been talking about a lot as a staff lately.  How does leadership as God designed it to be look like through such different people?  How do each of us who have different personalities lead in our areas?  How does leadership in kids look the same and look different than that of the tech team?  In Tony’s blog he leaves with this statement;  You are not becoming the leader God designed you to be, however, if you are only learning about leadership from the books you read and the people you watch and your experiences along the way.”  So, stop reading this blog, put down the leadership book (one in my living room, one in the bedroom and one in the car) and follow God’s example.  Not that these aren’t great things, but I know I’m not seeking God first in this area.  I haven’t been reading the Bible to see how Jesus led.  How God had Moses or Abraham lead.  How does that look like in leadership in Journey Kids?  I know I need to reflect on this more.


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