Fine Line

Looking and dreaming about 5, 3, & 1 year goals again today.  It’s a fine line, strategically planning what Journey Kids should look like.  God talks a lot about wisdom and counsel in the Bible.  As we’re taking this on, here are a few thoughts….

It’s a fine line, trusting in Jesus to do only what He can do & also be wise in planning and moving forward with what God has given you.  At what point do we stand and let God work and at what point do we move forward with diligence getting stuff done.  It’s hard to find the balance. (Except if you go to The Journey you remember that balance is a myth when it comes to things like this.)  When do we rely too much on ourselves to get the “tasks done” or do we do the opposite and sit back waiting for God to do everything.  (Which obviously isn’t what God has planned – we are the church!)

So how do we plan?  I know it’s basic, but working through this is helpful.  Please leave comments today!

Seek God through the Bible & Prayer – The most important part. What’s God’s vision for Journey Kids?  What’s my part in His plan?  Who does He want to join?  How?  In what areas do I need to let go?  I could go on and on.

Seek wise counsel – 

Proverbs 15:22
Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.

God often uses other people in our lives, doesn’t He!  I know it’s easy to get lost getting advice in the blog / twitter world as well as through emails, but there’s something about carving out time without distractions to really sit down and figure things out.  

Along with seeking wise counsel I got to thinking about the people around me.  I’m surrounded by great people with amazing leadership skills, but it’s sometimes hard to explain to them the vision of The Journey – so be sure to find people with ownership in the vision to help you along the way.  Thankfully someone who volunteers in Journey Kids understands where we’ve been, what the vision is, and is excited to help write down practical steps to the vision.  

Accountability – I’m not talking about spiritual accountability (although you should have that too) but I’m talking about someone keeping you on track with the vision God has given you.  Do you continue to pray about things, but slip into not following through on the steps you wrote down to move forward on the vision God has given?  Have accountability with your staff or your department.  Meet together and follow up on what is going on.  Leaving the goals and steps written down and not touching it for a year is useless.  Who’s keeping you accountable?  

Are you hitting all three?  One?  None?  What’s missing?


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