Who? Me? Part Deux

So, if we’re to be leading (it’s funny even hearing that word sometimes, isn’t it).  

What does that look like?  

How did Jesus lead when He was here on earth? – Here’s a few thoughts looking at Jesus’ life in the Bible.  

Read through one of the 1st 4 books of the New Testament.  (MatthewMarkLukeJohn)  See for yourself.

1. He went away and prayed.

2. He encouraged.

3. He challenged – gave them opportunity to trust and follow.  A fisherman?  He didn’t go to seminary.  He didn’t lead seminars in teaching and leadership.  Walking on water?  

4. Taught them to love – by demonstrating it.  

5. It’s not the wise that you’re to go to, it’s the humble, those willing to learn. 

6. It’s not about the money – and yet it’s all about the money – give it up and follow me

7. He invited people to come along.  (Get ready for an adventure – God doesn’t promise comfort & safety.  He promises an amazing adventure with Him.)

8. Replacing yourselves – Jesus had his closest disciples following Him.  Learning from Him.  Praying with Him.  He knew He wasn’t going to be on earth forever, so he had to share & invest in people to keep telling His story.  

9. Didn’t look for immediate results – Jesus took His time, and still does!  

10. Didn’t expect perfection – if Jesus used people that made mistakes, why shouldn’t we?  If not, none of us would be leading =)

We as leaders need to step up and do the same.  How does this look?  Invite someone to come along beside you.  Who do you see that could (in 1 or 2 years) eventually take your spot?  Invest in them.  Check in on them.  Show them what you’re doing.  Ask for feedback and ideas….& listen!  Share the vision with them.  Pray for them.  (I sense a whole ‘nother blog).  Don’t expect immediate results.  Don’t expect perfection.  

What else do you see when you look at Jesus’ life.  How did He lead?

Side Note : Remember that same Jesus, the ultimate leader, is alive today.  Don’t just skip by that fact.  Remember, Ask Him!  He’s here!


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