What’s the one thing?

-You may have heard us talking about it.  You may have even noticed it.  The time has come.  It has come.  

What?  The one thing.  We’ve changed our announcements to saying the one thing you need to know that week.  It sounds simple, but it leaves more of an impact than a million announcements people start to tune out for.  When Vince Antonucci came we (staff) sat down for lunch with him.  Announcements came up and he suggested doing “the one thing” and being creative in the ways we do the other announcements.

What happens to “thing 2” then?  Well, we need to be creative.  This Sunday we’re going to park a Jeep out front with 2 volunteers and some kids passing out these small postcards with info for recruiting for Journey Kids this Summer!  Summer is a time where we try to get new faces in the kids rooms and give our main volunteers a break.  

Next week is going to be even better!  You’ll have to come back (or come next Sunday) I’ll give you a hint….messy & loud!

Interested in getting the word out for Journey Kids this summer?  Got another idea?  Leave a comment!


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