Policies –

Why we do what we do to help create a safe environment – 

Some of you may have heard of the woman (volunteer) who took a baby from a local church nursery yesterday.  Thankfully the child was returned home safely.

Although we can’t prevent some accidents/crazy things from happening (they had done background checks, etc.), we can prevent other things.  


This is a time we can take to review our policies & make sure that we’re all doing our part.  Let’s just review a few….


You all should have a copy of the policies (need another copy, just ask!).  They are also posted in every room.  

We have our check-in system that prints tags – one for each child & parent.  Make sure that the tags match and you are taking those stickers!  If they don’t have the tag, ask them to go get it!  

Do head counts throughout the hour.  

No adult is to be left alone with children.  This protects both the children and the volunteers! 

How can parents and kids learn of and experience God’s love if they’re not safe?  Let’s Pray for safety for our kids and volunteers.  Let’s all do our part to protect our kids!


One response to “Policies –

  1. As a nursery volunteer, this news story DID make me take a closer look at how I operate when in the nursery. Reality is…it could happen anywhere…Virginia, you have done a great job of putting the right policies and procedures in place. However, the responsibility falls on “us” the volunteers to make sure they are followed. I’m sure those of us who volunteer in the nursery will be paying closer attention in the future…I sure will be!

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