Equipping the Family


So, you may hear this phrase, equipping the family, but what does that mean?  Well, lets talk about why, what it’s not, and finally dream about what it is.  A lot of these discussion points can be found in a book called Think Orange by Reggie Joiner and the ReThink Group.  I highly recommend reading it.  

As the church we only have an average of 40 hours a week any given year with your child.  As parents, you have over 3000!  Imagine that!  Now, at The Journey it is our desire to make the one hour we have the best hour of their week, sharing Jesus’ love and truths.  We want to help you with the 3000 you have.  

I don’t feel like equipping you is throwing a bunch of things at you and expecting that you radically change everything in the matter of one day.  It’s an overwhelming thing to think about for most parents, scared you’ll say something wrong or you don’t know “all the Bible stories”, so you do nothing.  What good does that do?  Jesus used fisherman and the “outsiders” not the educated & religious.  Don’t feel intimidated.  Take small steps.  

Let’s contemplate a few things.

  • The way you interact and show love to each other as a family makes an impact in the life of a child.  (I’ve heard it said that we often get our ideas of how the world is by the age of 7 – what are you passing on to your kids by your actions?/words?  The whole “do as I say, not as I do” doesn’t really fly).  If you’re living out love like Jesus, that makes a huge impact right now and for the future.  
  • Talk to your kids about Jesus as you go through the day.  You don’t have to sit down, hair combed, and read a chapter of the Bible at night.  It may be in the car, at the dinner table, or before bed.  Talk to them about what they’re going through at school and just pray about it together.  Praying is just talking to God….no fancy words necessary!
  • Ask for help.  If you’re already past sneaking it in, maybe it’s time you do quiet times together.  We have amazing volunteers that would love to help resource you!  If they don’t know, they’ll ask staff.  We’d love to help you answer the random questions your kids ask or to find a good book that you can walk through.  (There are a few kids coming into the 1st-5th grade room with questions written down and keeping our volunteers on their toes!)
  • Don’t change all at once – just like with training for a race, if you go all in, you’ll quite often miss something, (get injured), feel overwhelmed and quit.  Think, what’s our next step as a family?  Maybe it’s praying before bed with one kid a night.  Maybe it’s reading that story & asking the questions in the back – once a week.  What about those sheets your kids bring home from Journey Kids?  Go get them from under the van seat & read through it at dinner Wednesday nights.   

We really work hard on not having “programs” but focusing on the hour we do have with your kids, and equipping you for your 3000.  This is why we don’t fill up our year with other things, adding more things to the calendar for both families and volunteers.  We’ll talk more about this later.


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