Celebrate the Wins!

Wins are kind of like the goals of each area. The wins in Journey Kids are :

Journey Kids WinsThese are the things we can celebrate together on Sunday mornings!  I get to read them on the morning summaries, but I’d love it if you’d leave a comment and tell us about one of ‘your wins’ (‘Journeyer’ or not!).  Share with the rest of us!  Let’s hear how God is moving in the hearts and lives of kids, families & volunteers!  Let’s Celebrate!



One response to “Celebrate the Wins!

  1. Ok, so I know I’m the worst at reading blogs, thinking of the comment I’d make & not leaving one. I’ll start 😉

    I overheard a parent tell a volunteer thank you for helping her toddlers have fun. They didn’t want to come & then they connected with her. They wanted to come back the next week to see her!

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