Time and Priorities – part 2

What matters mostYesterday I talked about taking something out of your busy schedule to make room for making an eternal impact.  What’s the 1 thing you took out?

Now, I’m the first to say that it’s hard to do.  I can easily fill my week up with things, feeling overwhelmed with the pressure to work hard, keep the house clean, have dinner ready, and have a kid in an outfit without spit-up.  I have to sit back and ask myself if it’s really important in the long run if Ellie eats an old Cheerio off of the floor or spend time playing and praying with her.  Now she’s not at the age yet, but she’s old enough to be in my arms as I sweep.  We talk about what we’re doing (well, she babbles).  It’s my hope that I remember to continue to do these things together & these simple times we could have conversations about Jesus, serving, love.  What makes more of an impact it what our kids see us do, so if we’re talking about something, but not living it out, it’s pointless.  

What is one way that you can impact someone with Jesus as you go throughout your week?  

What about Sunday mornings?  Serve with your family!  You can welcome people at the doors as hosts, you can love on kids in the nursery, or even pass out donuts at the coffee bar!  What a great way to teach your kids to think of others with their time.  Again, not just talking about it, but living it out.  (Maybe you’re not sure what this whole Jesus thing is all about.  Maybe your first step is going to church.)  

At home you could serve your neighbors by mowing their lawn or making an extra dozen cookies.  In your community you could donate some items to a food pantry.  Brainstorm this week as a family one way you can invest in someone else this week and show Jesus’ love.  Leave some ideas for all of us.  What will you do as a family with your time/talent/$?


One response to “Time and Priorities – part 2

  1. I agree, I sometimes get caught up in the housework and trying to be a good Mom and I find myself thinking that the special time that I spend with Caeden is what matters most. Thanks for putting a pic of him in. I love that shirt and it makes me sad that he can’t wear it anymore. Have a great weekend with your friends!

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