Meet Selena

Hey Journey Kids Volunteers and parents.  I’m excited to introduce you to someone awesome!  She has been sharing Jesus with kids and families for a year and a half.  Why are we doing this?  Well, she’s going to be coordinating the 4-K room this fall.  I’ve asked her to answer a few questions so all of you can know who is running around the 4-K room every Sunday!

V: Wow!  3 Kids!  I’m sure that keeps you pretty busy.  Have you guys done any family trips together?  What was your favorite one?

Selena: Yes we have been vacationing we went to Disney for the 1st time in January, the kids had lots of fun so did I. We also do lots of camping which we really enjoy. These are totally different vacations so I’d have to say I have 2 favorites.

V: Favorite Food?

Selena: I love pasta.

V: Favorite Cartoon when you were a kid?

Selena: Smurfs

V: Why did you start volunteering in Journey Kids?

Selena: I wanted to take the next step with my faith and I did it for my kids.

V: Do you have a favorite moment in Journey Kids?

Selena: All the time that I spend in Journey Kids is special, I really enjoy the times when I see that the kids are getting the message and they are remembering things from the weeks before. That’s one of the reasons that we serve for a whole month at a time, to develop that relationship with the kids, they look forward to seeing their teachers every week.

V: What will you be doing as the 4K Coordinator?

Selena: One of the main responsibilities is going to be to work on the schedule. Other things that I will focus on will be working with Virginia on the lessons, encouraging the many volunteers. Helping others to take the next steps when they are ready.

V: Connecting with the volunteers and encouraging them is something that you’re great at!  It’s awesome to have someone focused on training and with a heart for this age group to know Jesus.  You connect well with parents and help kids have the best hour of their week. 
What is one thing you’d like to share with the volunteers & families?

Selena: The importance that church plays in your child’s life. Our children are so smart they have so much to offer the world on a daily basis. We are investing only an hour a week into these children but the information and life lessons that they are getting in that hour is worth so much to so many people, far beyond our classrooms. We as a group of volunteers, as a church get to be a part of  developing the youth of this nation what an honor to be able to instill the basic truths that God has for us. We are blessed.

V: And one last thing….describe your favorite ice-cream sundae.

Selena: Yummy I have alot of favorites when it comes to ice cream. I am all about a sundae with fudge, brownies, pecans, and choc. ice cream. But on an unusual note I really like a Vanilla ice cream with carmel and sun flower seeds. My husband says its gross, but I think it is gooooood.

V: Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself.  We are excited to see what God’s going to do in and through your serving on our Journey Kids team.


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