Meet Tara

Tara Neal will be coordinating the 2s and 3s room this fall! We’re so excited to have her. She’ll be investing in volunteers, taking over the scheduling & encouraging kids and families to take next steps with Jesus. I “interviewed” her so you could get to know her better….

So Tara, we’d love to find out a bit of your story….

Where are you from?


What keeps you busy?

Well, I am a nanny, and that keeps me very busy! Outside of that, I love to read, walk my dogs, swim, and I am always up for shopping!

Favorite Cartoon when you were a kid?

I did have ‘The land before time’ on VHS, and I loved watching that!

Why did you start volunteering in Journey Kids?

I really wanted to make a difference in the lives of the littlest journeyers. I also wanted to serve in any way that I could at the journey, and I knew Kids stuff was where I should be! It’s my passion!

Do you have a favorite moment in Journey Kids?

I have a lot of favorite moments! I love when the kids come in at check-in time, and give me a hug. It makes me feel like I made an impact on them the last time we were together. I also love when at pick up time the kids run to their parents and show them their artwork and say something like, “we learned that Jesus wants to be our friend!” It makes me feel like I got through to them in such a positive way!

What will you be doing as the 2s & 3s Coordinator?

Basically working with the other volunteers in the 2’s room. Encouraging them, and making sure that the little things are taken care of. Also, scheduling, and email reminders. Anything that Virginia needs me to do!!

What is one thing you’d like to share with the volunteers & families?

I want the hour that we have with the children to have such a postive impact, one that will stay with them all week long. Even though these kids are young, they understand so much! Being a nanny, the little boy that I watch (that just started attending the journey) came to me in the middle of the week and said, “Guess what? Jesus loves me!” That is what drives me. That is why I feel so blessed for this opportunity to serve and make a difference.

And one last thing….top 3 played songs on your iTunes…

‘when the rain comes’ – Third day

‘one of these days’ – FFH

‘new soul’ – yael naim









One response to “Meet Tara

  1. Tara- This is the perfect job for you. Your love for kids will show thru. I love you..and am very proud of you. Love-Mom

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