Family Friday

Family Friday
Here’s a Family Friday idea….small things that we can do to help equip you as parents to influence your kids for Jesus.  

Volunteer – no, we’re not tricking you into it – but volunteering with your kids is an awesome way to connect.  Chances are you’ll have many opportunities to talk about that during the week.  (In the car, at the dinner table – something other than the same old conversations).  

Do you have younger kids?  You can volunteer with your kids and be “extra hands” by helping to glue paper or pass out snack on a Sunday morning.  What kid doesn’t think it’s “cool” to have Dad or Grandpa in the room helping out?  I’ve seen kids light up the days their parents are in the rooms.  Not only will you know the main point for the day to be able to talk about during the week (come on, you know the times when you wonder “Why in the world does my 3 year old keep talking about a pig and corn?  What are they teaching them in there?”  (A shameless plug – some parents serve once a month as extra hands in our Journey Kids!  Email me if you’re interested in taking this first step.)

 There are also opportunities in our community to serve alongside other groups making an impact.  Journey Teens is doing a volunteer day, there are community groups coming together and helping to get a food truck.  No matter the age of your kids, it will make a huge impact in their lives (and your own) to see their parents giving up a few hours and being others focused.

Do you volunteer as a family or somewhere your kids go?  Let us know!


One response to “Family Friday

  1. Volunteering as a family can, indeed, be a very rewarding experience. For some inspiration, I invite you to check out this video — — about one woman’s “aha moment” experienced while volunteering at a soup kitchen with her young son. It’s pretty special.


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