Control Issues

How is it August already?  Not sure where July went, but I’m looking forward to this fall.  We have an AMAZING team of volunteers pouring into kids’ lives every week, sharing Jesus’ love with them.  I’m excited to have Selena and Tara on our team leading in their areas.  I’m learning a ton about what it means to equip and encourage rather than just give tasks.  Looking at how Jesus led his followers and asking for wisdom and strength in leading others.  It’s a crazy out-of-control feeling sometimes, but I think that’s right where God wants me.  I’m not in control – or at least shouldn’t be….I should be relying on God to work, bring His vision for Journey Kids and families and bring His strength and power.  I can’t do this on my own.  As much as I can try, I wasn’t meant to.  God is the One in control.  God needs to change hearts, change kids lives.

What area in your life are you trying to control?  How can you give that control to God?


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