Family Friday

Family Friday

Here’s a Family Friday idea….small things that we can do to help equip you as parents to influence your kids for Jesus.  

Eat a meal together!  Yep, I said it along with everyone else who talks about families.  It wouldn’t need repeating if we actually did it!  Jesus sat down and ate with people, why can we find the time to do the same with our family and others?  Now, I know that today’s schedules are busy, but mark down at least a day a week you sit at the table (no tv) and eat together.

Eat together & listen.  Oh, that second part is tough.  Listen to your kids.  Ask them a question (not a question that can be answered with yes or no) and listen.  If you want to be able to talk about “big things” later with them and have then trust you, then you’ve got to start small.  Earn their trust by even caring about their day and how they saw someone eat a worm and the crazy guy at the beach.  If you’re not listening to them, why would they listen to you?  If you’re not caring about what’s important to them why would they listen to what’s important to you?  

‘Nuff Said – eat together and listen.  


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