Staff ‘Advance’

Staff Retreat – er – Advance was great.  We were talking a lot about what God is doing & what we’re asking God to do in the hearts and lives of everyone in West Michigan and beyond.  Goals that only God will be able to accomplish.  Through us, not in our own power.  Here’s just a few I’m praying specifically about for Journey Kids:

  • Small group leaders for every 8 to 10 kids in 1st-5th grades – every week.  Plugging into their lives and being an additional voice of love and wisdom to their parents.  
  • Volunteers leading other volunteers through trainings, personal contacts and encouragement in their personal and spiritual lives.
  • Getting Resources to parents and kids to take next steps (individually and as a family) with Jesus.  
  • Journey Kids Tech Team – volunteer led with middle-schoolers at the controls, using the skills and interests God gave them to help kids connect with God!
  • Want to be a part?  Pray for these things and more!  

God can do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine!  So let’s make big asks!  Things that when people look at it, there’s no doubt that God did it!


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