Family Friday – Crank it Up!

Family Friday

Are you one of those car singers? You know who I’m talking about…the person with the radio up, singing at the top of your lungs, drumming on the steering wheel. Well, I am. And I want you to be.

Well, at least a little. I’d love to encourage you to make your drive-time with your family meaningful.

Pick out a song or cd together and put it in the car. In Journey Kids we have a different song every month. You can download them for $1 at Do you have an older kid? Go to iTunes and grab a song or two together. (Check out Fee / Tree 63 / Lifehouse / Audio Adrenaline) Listen to the song, sing, laugh, enjoy yourselves. Talk about the lyrics. What do they mean? Can you apply them to what you’re going through right now? Thank God for making music fun!
Then….crank it up again. We can connect with God through music. Show your kids this in the car. Take advantage of these moments of influence together. They’ll go quickly (so I hear).


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