Paul spoke on Sunday about how your attention determines your direction. What things are taking your attention that shouldn’t be? What is God trying to keep you focused on that you’re not doing? It’s easy to get distracted. Paul and I know that first hand. If the tv’s on, Paul has no idea what I’m saying. He just answers “uh-huh, yep.” Then I see this and decide that I will just “get a few more things done.” Neither one of us thinking anything of it.  This didn’t work so well. We became frustrated.

For this reason, we don’t watch much tv anymore (and no, it doesn’t have much to do with the fact that we only get ABC) or get on the computer at night.  We’ve decided that our marriage is more important than “vegging out” after a long day. If it were truly a time where we were spending time with God and having time alone regrouping it would be a different thing.  We weren’t.  

It’s fun to see how God is teaching me so much over the last few years about marriage and now about kids.  In our jobs we often have strategies and vision whether we’re leading the way or following.  If we don’t, we won’t go anywhere.  There’s also the fact that we fight to keep that vision on track (like how we do certain things at The Journey because we believe that’s what God has called us to….check out Matt or Paul’s blog on the music).  Are we doing this with our marriages and families?  Or are we giving 2nd place to that?  Are we willing to ask God what He has in store for our family and then fight for it?  Make our “daily decisions” strategic, since they determine our direction!?  I don’t want to wake up one day and ask myself ‘how did we get here’?  We need to stay focused, keeping our attention on what really matters.


One response to “Attention

  1. Virginia – don’t lose that “I will fight for this attitude”. It’s great that you have developed that so early in your marriage. We’ve been married for 29 years – and “failure is not an option” – there were times we struggled a LOT – but WE are worth fighting for. We took a vow before GOD – forget the vows to each other – we witnessed our VOWS BEFORE GOD. That has to be worth fighting for. As our kids grew and we saw them struggling – we let them know we were in their corner fighting for them. We let them ‘go’ and take their lumps – but when they needed someone to help them through their fight – we were there for them. It’s sort of how we all wound up at the Journey-we helped Hannah through her fight for her “own church” and she wound up leading us!! Didn’t mean to get so lengthy – but just wanted to give you a pat on the back for devoting yourself to your family the way you do!!

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