Family Friday – Restaurant Ideas

Family Friday

I ran across some ideas when I was sorting through things.  Restaurant ideas to do with kids.  Obviously my child is too little for these things, but I thought I’d pass some along and you can try them out and let me know what works 😉

1. Ask for a “to-go box” when you get to the restaurant.  Have the kids take turns guessing what’s inside by shaking it.

2. Buy those mini-playdough containers at the dollar store.  Open it up, have a ball and leave the crusty, crumb filled mess there.  (Just leave a good tip!)

3. Play the “old school” dot game or show your kids what you used to do when you doodled!  I know I still find myself drawing the worms my mom taught me how to do when I’m bored trying to stay focused.

4. The good old “I spy”

5. Alphabet game – Apple – Apple Beard – Apple Beard Carrot – Apple Beard Carrot Dinner, etc.

There’s a million and one ideas out there.  Make the time with your kids enjoyable when you get stuck waiting.  You can even take out their “mail” from Sunday and talk about what they learned in Journey Kids.  

For more ideas check out Family Fun from


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