10 Random things continued….

7. I was nicknamed “the 80s girl” in college – back when it wasn’t in style.  Who knew Western Michigan was so behind the style (or that Nashville was ahead? – yeah, that must’ve been it – ha!)

6. I love to hike.  I love the challenge, the gear, the stink, the delicious dinners (yes I said delicious) and most of all waking up before everyone, watching the sun rise and reading my Bible.  There’s such a peace about that.  

5. I don’t like cats or barking dogs.  Yep, I said it.  Sorry all of you animal lovers, I think they’re cute in pictures and other people’s laps, but I don’t want them in mine.  I grew up with awesome, loving pets, and know that I don’t have the patience to clean up after one more thing in the house =)

4. I love garage sales.  Getting up early, driving around town with a hot cup of coffee and running into people you know without their makeup on.  There’s just something about it.  Oh yeah, and finding that good deal every once in awhile too!


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