10 Random Things Continued….again….

3. I recorded (in Nashville) backgrounds for a commercial for Atlantis Resorts while on vacation last year.  They said that they needed someone who could carry a tune (and not such a good voice) so my friends asked me!  Too bad they picked the other version.  The NY suits liked it with just my friends singing and not me.  My 2nd 10 minutes of fame (and paycheck) was sadly taken away.  

2. I love the smells of clean laundry, freshly cut grass, coffee, chocolate, citrus, suntan lotion, shampoo, gummy candies, and September evenings.  I don’t like the smells of campfires, fish, onions cooking, damp anything (which makes our basement on the bottom of my list), and bleach.

1. I love my husband, daughter, kids, friends, and am excited to see God work in all of our lives.  I can tend to be anxious about things and God’s been teaching me not to.  If I’m anxious, that means I think I’m in control, and I’m not.


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