Fall is here!

I’m so excited that fall is coming – no, not the weather, but getting back into the groove with kids, volunteers and families.  God has brought an awesome team of Volunteer Coaches together over the summer and we’re running full speed into this fall.  We’ve been challenged to pray for God to do amazing things, God sized things that we can’t take credit for.  Come on God!  Do more than we can ever ask or imagine in the hearts and lives of kids and families in Muskegon-Ottawa counties!  Give us wisdom as we move forward and prepare for every week.  

  • Some changes this fall:
  • New Journey Kids Blog
  • New Curriculum in the 1st-5th room called 252 Basics
  • New Take Home Sheets
  • Banners
  • Hilarious intro sketches for the 4K room on dvd – thanks Julie and Kate!
  • Volunteers back on the schedule in larger chunks, making a better connection with kids and allowing extra hands to be just that.
  • and more to come, including:
  • countdown screen until check-in
  • t-shirts for volunteers
  • next steps night
  • JK tech team up and running!
  • and more dreams!

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