Music, MRIs and Medical Stories

I don’t mean to make a big deal about my surgery and the last few weeks, but too often I think that God wants to use our story and we can tend to tell ourselves that it’s not a big deal, someone else has a bigger story, who am I?  Well, God has given us each a unique and special story to share.  Don’t let the thoughts that “other people’s stories are better and bigger than mine” or “mine isn’t a big deal” or “I don’t want people to think that I’m just looking for attention” stop you.  Share what God has done in your life with those around you, and ask other people their stories too! You may never know what God wants to do in your heart or others by using stories.  (Can you tell that I’ve struggled with this a bit? 😉  Look at the Bible, it’s full of stories.  Some seem trivial, but are actually showing God’s love/provision/truth in it!

Back to the music….

I’ve now had multiple MRIs and CT-Scans which I know many of you have had too.  I’m not a fan of needles, enclosed spaces, hospitals – need I go on?  When I get my MRIs now I ask for the eye covering* and they give me a music choice – I choose the Christian music channel because I’m a basket of nerves and am hoping that God will give me peace.  Well, the 1st MRI I heard “Never Let Go” by David Crowder – let me tell you I was choking back tears (this was the Sunday I left and was diagnosed within 3 hours and had a appt. to see the surgeon that Tuesday).  I kept praying for peace and help to make it through the 30 minutes – and God gave me that through the music on the player.  I wish I could remember all of the songs.  It was like God picked the playlist just for me.

Another song that played yesterday and during my 2nd MRI was “Born Again” by Third Day. Amazing Song.

You know that being on the other side of this, I wouldn’t change anything (well, maybe some of the timing and meds after the surgery)….I’ll share with you some awesome things on my next post.

*eye covering – these things rock!  They can’t re-use them, so I get them!  Now I have one in my purse, one in the car and one in my bedroom – they’re just the simple soft eye covers, but they’re awesome for trying to take naps when it’s bright outside!


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