Journey Kids Spotlight: Alice

V: Favorite Past time?

Alice: It changes with the seasons.  Spring – working in my flower garden Summer – laying by the pool – Fall – walking color tours  – Winter – DREAMING ABOUT THE OTHER THREE SEASONS!!!

V: Finish the sentence; Nobody knows that I ….

Alice: miss my parents something fierce ( I just try not to let it show)

V: Favorite Cartoon/Show when you were a kid?

Alice: Bugs Bunny

V: At The Journey the kids call me….

Alice: Miss Alice

V: Why did you start volunteering in Journey Kids?

Alice: Because you  seemed extremely overwhelmed!

V: Do you have a favorite moment in Journey Kids?

Alice: Each Sunday, each service holds a ‘favorite moment’ of its own!

V: What are you doing in JK?

Alice: Coordinating the kids check in

V:  What is one thing you’d like to share with the volunteers & families?

Alice: I am extremely happy to be a part of such an awesome group of people!

V: And one last thing.  On Sundays my breakfast usually consists of….

Alice: A custard filled long john from the coffee bar – that holds me over until I have brunch with my family after I’m done at The Journey.


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