Journey Kids Countdown!

I bet you think I’m talking about a countdown to Christmas, but I’m not.

I’ll give you a few hints.  What I’m talking about will:

  • Help Volunteers on Sunday Mornings
  • Help Journeyers with kids
  • Be a place to find out info on Journey Kids
  • Be located at the Main Journey Kids Check-In Desk

At The Journey we allow kids to be checked in early (we do computerized check-in that prints out labels for kids and parents).  Then it’s the parents job to get them to their rooms ~ BUT ~ we have so many awesome people that arrive early, sometimes the volunteers don’t have their coats off yet and the kids are wanting to come in the rooms.


You’ll see in the next week or two a screen towering above the check-in with a countdown until you can drop your kids off in their rooms. After the countdown has finished we’ll have scrolling screens.  Now you’ll be able to know when it’s time (as well as let your kids know as long as they see the countdown, they have to wait!)


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