Journey Kids Spotlight: 2s & 3s

Did you know?….

  • that this room is one of the busiest on any given Sunday morning!  (that’s why we just sent out a letter asking more families to come to the 9:30, opening up the possibility for more spaces at the 11.)
  • that volunteers serve once or twice a month – connecting with kids and sharing Jesus with them!
  • that Tara Neal is the coach for that area and can be found hanging around the room on Sunday mornings.
  • that the kids learn one basic truth, one verse, and one song for the entire month through the different Bible stories that display these truths.  This helps the kids understand these things and keep them in their hearts ~ even at such a young age.
  • that those who don’t feel comfortable leading serve once a month as extra hands.  What are extra hands?  They are in there to help with the activities and connect with the kids.  It’s a great choice for teens and busy parents.
  • that they get to eat a snack?  Yep, animal crackers and sometimes extra special snacks.
  • that the volunteers would love a “high five” or a thanks for loving and investing in your kids (of course they wouldn’t say it, but I’m sure they’d appreciate it!)
  • that if you have a question about Journey Kids, you can stop anyone with a Journey Kids t-shirt and they’d be glad to help!

Did you know?…..that you can be a part of this team in Journey Kids in 2s and 3s? There are a few ways to get involved in this room, and the first step is checking it out for an hour!  Stop by the room on a Sunday morning and let us know you’d like to see what’s happening (or fill out that connect card on Sunday and write 2s & 3s)

This is a great way to connect with your kids!  Even if it’s twice a year, see what your kids are doing and what’s important to them!


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