Sunday Paul spoke about being honest with what we struggle with, find someone to help keep you accountable, pray, look up Bible verses and more.

I thought I’d share a bit about myself (some of you may already know this).  I struggle with fear and anxiety.  Yep, the woman who all of you thought handled a brain tumor with such faith – it wasn’t me.  It was God giving me that faith and peace.  You’d think being 4 months after surgery I would have moved on.  It’s frustrating to feel like you come far and then you wonder how you come back to that same place feeling like you’ll never get out of it.

I don’t fear everything – however I do have a twinge of anxiety wondering if we’ll make it to vacation and back safely. What-if’s cross my mind and I can immediately be frozen in fear.  What if Eliana chokes on something and I can’t get it out?  What if the immunization I got her makes her sick? This is not what God calls us to – a life of fear.  How do  I deal with this?  I pray with my husband about this, share with my friend in TN and pray.  I have a book I like to look through called Praying God’s Word by Beth Moore.  Beth takes verses from the Bible and uses them in prayers to God.  Each section deals with different things – overcoming food addictions / depression / pride / unbelief / sexual sins / addictions and more.  Of course you can look in the back of most Bibles and search for key words, I just like that it’s all in one place.

I like sharing with my friend in TN because she has known me for awhile as well as understands fear from a female perspective.  Paul knows  I struggle with it and can easily give me a list and prayers to “fix it”.  As a woman it’s easier sometimes to share our goofy fears to another woman as long as the person on the other end doesn’t let us live in that.  Becki will let me talk and then remind me of what God says about it.

Although my sin isn’t as outward and evident as some other sins are, it’s just as paralyzing and frustrating.  If you didn’t get a chance to hear the message, go online at www.thejourneycc.com and listen.


One response to “Fear/Anxiety

  1. Hey,
    I have that same book by Beth and love it! It totally has helped me be victorous in some areas of fear in my life. When I feel like I’m going back in that direction of fear again, I always go back to that. I think as a woman, I will probably always stuggle with fear, different fears in different seasons of life, but it helps to know “hey, I know what I can do!” That lovely word discipline comes to mind. One lesson at a time!

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