The Ask.

Have you been keeping up with Paul’s blog? How ’bout Matt or Mark’s blogs?  (All on my blogroll to the left).  They’re all talking about the numbers of people coming to connect with God on Sundays. Most of these people are your friends and neighbors you’ve been praying for and investing in. It’s an exciting time! With all of the excitement and increase in numbers comes the increased amount of volunteers needed to provide a fun, safe environment for kids to connect with God. Did you know that many families decide if they’re coming back to church the next Sunday by what their kids thought of their hour in JK? By serving you’re not only affecting the kids’ lives and hearts for eternity, you’re providing that hour for the parents to do the same listening to the message!

(A little side note – I just replaced 6 ! with periods.  Do all people who work with kids use so many?!!)

Here’s the ask –

  • If you’re not serving – challenge yourself to serve.
  • If you’re volunteering somewhere – ask if you can step it up – volunteer twice a month or ask to take on a bit of admin to open up some time for other things.

With the quality of Journey Kids we desire for our (and your kids) we would love to see parents step in as extra hands.  It’s an amazing hour you can spend connecting with your kids and others’.  Passing out snack and high-fiving kids may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to the kids.  They know when you care and YOU can be used by God to make a big difference!

Fill out a connect card on Sunday to volunteer in kids/coffee bar/check-in/hosting/maintenance/admin.

As we look to the possibility of a 3rd service in the near future, we want you on our team to jump into that challenge prepared!


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