3rd Anniversary!

It’s Paul and I’s 3rd Anniversary today!  What a fast (and admittedly slow and scary at times) 3 years!

Thank you Paul for your awesome heart for me, and others!  You have the heart of a servant and I learn daily from you.  I thank God for you!

(By the way, Paul doesn’t FB/email/tweet/or check my blog so if anyone wants to let him know that I bragged him up on here, go ahead!  =0)


5 responses to “3rd Anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary!
    I think in honor of this date, you should give us all relationship advice! Such as, What is one thing you wish you knew before you got married? Or your best advice for newlyweds?

  2. Ooh, Good one Tara~ hmmm….
    Well, we’ve learned that we each handle conflict differently – I need time alone and he wants to fix it immediately and talk it out without stopping. Not the best combo, but we’re learning a lot about how to work through things together =)
    Enjoy your time before kids – they’re great, but it’s like an entirely new marriage that begins when a kid comes into the picture.
    Spend quality time together, pray together, read together (although we actually read side-by-side, we can’t stand actually reading together b/c we read and comprehend at different paces.)
    Anyone else have advice/comments?

  3. Ive heard married couples shouldn’t own a TV for their first year of marriage. Do you agree with this? Nick and I love watching shows together, and discussing them. Most shows that I watch, I wait until we can watch them together. (Thank you Tevo!) It’s kind of a bonding thing for us…but I totally can see where it could distract from real conversations….hmmm. Tough!

    • We own a tv, but don’t have cable. We have ABC when the weather’s ok and the antenna on the top of the tv works well =)
      I would agree with the advice to no tv in the bedroom – ever. I heard that from a married couple and we are thinking we’ll stick with it. We watch some shows online together too!
      We do find ourselves reading and talking more than I think we would with more tv….as “out of date” we may seem, I wouldn’t change it. Not to mention the $ saved!

  4. Okay, I will stop hogging your comments section, I promise!
    I just wanted to tell you that we were in pauls store today, and I said to him, “Aww, that post that Virginia wrote was just. so. sweeeeet!” He says, “She wrote about me??”
    I said, “Oh, You dont read her blog??” So I told him how you wrote about your anniversary and how much you appreciate him!
    Hahaha. Dont worry, Ive got your back! I let him know you were bragging about him!

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