Child Dedication

Wanting to make everything we do at The Journey have purpose and meaning behind it, we’re switching up Child Dedications a bit.  We’re all about God and encouraging kids, parents, families to take Next Steps in their relationships with God.  Child Dedication is a huge Next Step that we would like to come alongside of you parents on.  Kids are a huge, sometimes overwhelming responsibility, even before we talk about the fact that as parents you are the spiritual leaders in your home!

We’re setting aside 2 Sundays this summer to celebrate Child Dedications – a time where parents say in front of journeyers and their friends and family that they desire to follow God and raise their kids to follow God too, leading them spiritually at home and encouraging/loving them for the rest of their lives.  As Journeyers (if you’re in small groups with them too!) we’re saying we’re in this with you…we’ll pray for you and where we can we’ll help you and your kids take next steps with Jesus too!

With that parents go – “Whoah! Wait a minute, I’m working on taking next steps myself, how am I supposed to do this with my kids/family?”

That’s where our class at a Next Steps Night comes in.  We’re requiring that every parent attend this class to learn what this means/looks like and how to even do this.  We know this can be overwhelming and want to help you map it out and come alongside of you.  There are 2 different date options (the first one is May 2  6:30-7:45pm – so if you’re thinking about child dedications in June, this is your night!)

Dedications will take place after the 11:00 service with snacks/mini lunchish and then we’ll begin.  This allows you to invite your friends and family to attend the regular 11:00 service with you and then stay for the dedications.  We’ll be able to have a more dedicated meaningful time set aside for such a big step in your lives!

It’s great isn’t it!  Change is good!  We’re excited and hope you are too!  Know we’re here to walk with you in everything – even the crazy job of parenting/supporting parents!


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