Up in the Air

Not the movie, but what Paul and I feel like as we look at the future.  There are some things changing with another baby coming in August, and our house up for sale, we sometimes feel like we’re cranking slowly up the 1st hill of a roller coaster.  I think we can all feel like that sometimes.  Although, like a rollercoaster it’s nice to know that God’s got His plan and our backs….we know that we’ll have times when our stomach’s in knots and we’re not sure what’s next, but the ride will end (eventually in Heaven – woo-hoo!) and God is there the whole time.  When we find ourselves worried about the day to day and the future, we need to be reminded that God’s in control!

I’m sitting at a Coffee Shop right now, out of the house for another showing.  It’s nice (and yet a bit creepy) knowing that someone’s walking through our home.  Pray it sells!  We’ll miss it, but know it’s time to move on.


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