A quick download of what we’re working on in Journey Kids:

  • 3 services – who/how often/ and a million other questions for the 3rd service starting this fall.
  • An awesome team of volunteers/coaches who are “all in” and willing to step out of their comfort zone and serve or lead.  How can I help support/encourage them to continue to take next steps personally and in JK?
  • A new training video for the fall.
  • Journey Kids Hosts set up and ready to go this fall.
  • Child Dedications – we’re switching it up, so there’s more to plan.
  • Next Steps Night – Coming up May 2 – actually getting together tomorrow for creative planning and thinking of a funny video to help get the points across.
  • Summer Volunteers in Journey Kids.  We try to give the people serving consistently all year a break in the summer.  We invite parents to plug in and check it out and help lead a few Sundays in the summer.
  • Parent Check-it-out Sundays (obviously need to think of a name/how to “market” this) for our 1st-5th grade room.  We want parents to see what their kids are doing (and maybe, just maybe some of them will see that’s it’s so much fun and want to volunteer in the summer or fall!)
  • …..and with all of this, trying to keep up with the daily/weekly/monthly tasks that aren’t mentioned above.  We all can/do feel overwhelmed at times, but it’s nice to know that God’s in control.  (and also to take time to pray/dream big!/cast vision)

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