Parenting Beyond Your Capacity – Intro

I’m not big into book prefaces/introductions, but I think they did a great job in this book, so I’ll start here.  (Who has a foreward by Jeff Foxworthy anyway!?  Ya gotta read it.  =)  It’s so easy to run by things that we know well, and assume everyone else is speaking your language.  Not here.

Some highlights:

  • When Carrie and Reggie admit that they’re “somewhat dysfunctional”, “a little insecure”, and “more stressed than we should be”.  That coming from “experts” and pastors!  Wheh!  I feel better already.  This book isn’t going to give me an ideal picture to try and make my family fit into.
  • They introduce the idea of orange  – the combining of 2 influences – RED, the love of the family/parents and YELLOW, the light and influence of the church.  “These two combined influences will make a greater impact than either influence alone.” (p.19)  -Woohoo!  We’re not in this alone parents!
  • The ideas in this book are more like “a compass than a road map.  The last thing we want to do is create a new impossible standard, more parenting initiatives, and more tasks for you to do.” (p. 20)

Ask in your local bookstore (Hage’s if you’re in Muskegon) or order it online.  It’s a great, easy read.

Chapter 1 highlights to come….


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