“I interrupt these posts to bring you….”

First Oreo - and she knew a bath was next.

No, I’m not forgetting to finish the parenting book.  I just took a bit of a break to work on some other things.  I’m actually getting back to it today.  I will take this moment however to share something that I found that may be fun for your Family.  Check out the blog link below for Bath Time foam fun.  I’m always on the lookout for fun ideas to share with you that you can do with your kids, especially now that summer is approaching so quickly!

Check it out here at the Blue Eyed Freckle.

Have them draw on the foam and cut it out for them.  Older kids, let them cut out the pieces.  You could do Mr. Potato Head, or even link it with the main points they will be learning this summer!  We’re talking about creation.  What if you added different shapes for each main point that they learned each week?  Each Sunday/Monday you could create a few more foam shapes that represents that week.  That would be an awesome review and stand out to them at bathtime!  We all know that the kids get more baths in the summer because of the sand, dirt, lotion and just plain stinkiness of the day!

Leave a comment if you try this!


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