I ran across this post on Gina McClain’s blog today.  She talks about delegating,….the right way.  I’ve been working on this myself.  I have to admit, when I first started at The Journey, I probably was delegating the wrong way, delegating because I knew it was something to be done.  Now I find myself looking at what goes on in Journey Kids, figuring out systems and then finding the right person for the job.  I’ve also been reworking our job descriptions as no year is ever the same.  Things shift and processes become better (I hope) so things are never the same.  Gina explains so well some of the things that I’ve been trying to explain myself to some of our coaches in a lot fewer words.  Thanks Gina =)

I just forwarded this to leaders in Journey Kids.  I asked them to read the article and let me know where I maybe be falling short with each of them.  Then, I’ve asked them to think through how they are delegating/leading in their own areas.  It’ll be good to come back to and talk about later when we’re assessing our areas.

How do you do at delegating?  Are you just clearing your plate?  Have you asked your volunteers to assess your skills in this area?


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