Grandma Hulce

My Grandma passed away a few days ago.  She was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few months ago, but it all happened so quickly!  Wow, what a woman!  I’m blessed to have known her, and even more to be able to say that she was my Grandmother.  She has the most amazing story about how she came to trust in Jesus as an adult.  Surrounded by alcoholism, she watched Jesus change my Grandpa right in front of her eyes.  Seeing the change He made in Grandpa, she trusted in Jesus too.  (That is the very short version!)

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I can easily say that my Grandma was one of a few best friends.  I’m heartbroken and selfishly missing her, but I know that she’s in Heaven with Jesus, and doesn’t have to worry about illness anymore.  I thank God that He put her in my life.


One response to “Grandma Hulce

  1. Great post V. She sounds more amazing than you can describe. I hope you are well and finding comfort in Jesus today.

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