Cringing and Laughing….

Disclaimer – by reading this blog entry you will in no way think any differently of our family, our cleanliness or our “keen” sense of problem solving.  If you agree to these terms and conditions, read on….

Paul and I have been going crazy in our house.  Our house has had this disgusting, sour smell.  First I thought it was a diaper, then I’m spraying more and more cleaner around.  Nothing was working.  After the smell of cleaner would go away, the stench would come back, letting me know I hadn’t found the culprit.  (Obviously any smell becomes worse with the part time use of only 1 window air conditioner in this heat.)

……and now for the answer?! I found the answer in the oven.  It was the 2nd half of a pizza that we ate (dare I say it????) last week.  I found it sitting in the oven with fruit flies and mold.  It has now found a new home outside of our back door waiting for Paul to dispose of it in the flames of a fire tonight =)

Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

~The Davidsons


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