Electronic Check-In

This Sunday we had our electronic check-in updated from 1.0 to 2.0.  We had to update by the end of August, so we chose a date at the beginning of July so we could work out the kinks with smaller summer numbers.  One thing we all know for sure is that  no matter how much you plan, you should always be prepared for the unexpected!  We had our backup labels ready to go when we were surprised to find out it wasn’t working as we thought.  Thankfully with the help of the area coach, Alice, and a number of amazing and dedicated volunteers we had all of our kids safely checked into the rooms using 2 systems.  It was a crazy time, but Journey parents were understanding and we all just chatted our way through the few extra minutes it took.

Although we all want things to run smoothly in life, life’s not like that.  It’s awesome to see God use volunteers and other Journeyers to step up and be used in situations like this.  I hope that you can take a breath this week when things don’t go as planned.  Look to God for help in the situation and move on to the best of your ability!


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