Week Download ~ July 2010

  • Staff Retreat was great!  We got a lot accomplished including goals for the coming year, leadership development and more.  We even laughed – I know, shocking!  😉
  • The 5pm service Journey Kids team is coming together!  We have an amazing group of people who are willing to jump start the service for a few months.  They are committing to attend in the morning and come back and serve in the evening.  Now that’s love and dedication!
  • More people are stepping in to volunteer in Journey Kids.  It’s exciting to see parents/teens plug into the lives of children and share God’s love!
  • My uncle is terminally ill.  Please pray for my Aunt, cousins and family as this is a tough time for everyone.  Thankfully He is a Christian, so we’ll see him again.
  • Eliana is talking up a storm.  Can’t believe she’ll be 2 in September!  She is attempting to scale everything in the house and is taking after her daddy with her enjoyment of heights.
  • I’m counting down the days / weeks until baby D is born.  To answer your question, no, we don’t have a name picked out yet.

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