According to Jimmy – challenge part 2

The other day I shared a few things that stuck out to me from the Book of James.  I’m laughing and cringing that some of the things I was challenged with last year are popping up again.  It’s been a year since my brain tumor diagnosis and surgery.  With my check-up MRI coming up Thursday I find myself worried and anxious again.  Looking back on my thoughts from yesterday, it is evident that God is encouraging me through His Word.

I’ll share a few more thoughts, along with more ways that helps me when reading the Bible.  (The other day I mentioned prayer, journaling, reminder cards).  Now I’ll talk about the idea of talking it out.  Yes, ladies, talking….not hard for the majority of us, huh!  Guys, yes, you can share what you got out of it by talking too.  =)  Maybe it’s the teachers in me that likes to share what I’ve learned with people, but it helps me in many ways.  A few is that 1- Someone knows where I’m at, what God’s teaching me and then can keep me accountable, challenge me, pray with me.  2- If I say something out loud, I’m more likely to remember it.

Who do I share things with?  My husband (good relationship builder too!)  A good friend who prays for me and doesn’t talk to others or judge me.  Depending on the situation, being able to encourage someone else along the way going through the same thing.  Someone that when God gives me that nudge in my heart and the words to say (quite often verses pop into my heart and I get that anxious feeling like I’m going to just explode – that’s how I know that I’m supposed to do / say something.  The Holy Spirit is nudging me.)

When I share with my husband Paul, it also brings our relationship closer together (I can’t really share my heart if there’s something between us, so that makes us talk about those silly little things, forgive each other and move onto what God for us individually, as a couple and as a family).

I’m praying that through this challenge and series that lives are changed.  Your hearts/lives as well as mine are changed forever by God.

A quick note on sharing with others some of your personal challenges – married women, the only man you need to confide in personally is your husband, and it goes the other way too.  It is a slippery relationship slope otherwise.


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