Just jump in!

I was listening to Cornerstone Church’s podcast in Simi Valley this morning. They were talking about being stewards with our spouses, kids, time, money, etc. What does that look like with our time?
Not waiting or making excuses, just jumping in where there’s a spot and figuring it out from there. If we all waited to have the perfect conditions for anything in life, we would never go anywhere or be a part of anything. What a bummer! God wants to use us! Let’s get moving!

So many people talk about how their toddlers just love going to Journey Kids at the 11 with Mr. D. (the other vols rock too!). People comment to him all of the time, “Wow, I don’t know how you do it!” “I could never handle a room full of toddlers, that’s definitely you!”
Wanna know a secret? Something funny!?
When I asked Paul to be my “extra hands” in there when I was lead teaching he didn’t want to. “Toddlers aren’t my thing.” – was his excuse too! Now that’s where he serves and loves it every week. If he wouldn’t have put himself out there and tried, he wouldn’t be serving with the group of kids he loves to pour into every week.

Now “Mr. D.” is taking a month off and that gives others an opportunity to step up (in/over) and join an awesome group of kids and volunteers.
What about you? What excuses are you giving?
Where should you step in/up?


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