About V

I love Jesus.  I love my family (my wonderful husband Paul, daughter Eliana and our son on the way in August)  and I love kids.  God has put me as the Journey Kids coordinator at The Journey Community Church where I’m able to connect with kids, parents and other journeyers.  I love to be able to wake up and work on pouring into kids lives.  I may not be able to see them everyday, but I’m praying and planning for them.  I thank God for this opportunity!

Lake Michigan

A few interests: Hiking, Running, Teaching, Traveling, Reading, Playing Games, sewing and living life to the fullest.

Something that happened recently is that I was diagnosed and treated for a benign brain tumor (meningioma).  I am grateful to God for every day and for a complete recovery after a successful surgery.

more recent photo


4 responses to “About V

  1. Hey V,
    I like your new blog! Lots of good stuff the think about for Journey Kids, too. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!
    Julie :)!!!!!:)!!!!!:)

  2. Great Blog! Agawa River? Camping? in January? really?

    We took the Agawa River Canyon Train in August a few years ago ( from Sault Ste. Marie) it was beautiful! I can’t imagine toughing that out in January!

    • Yeah, it was fun! We went up there to go ice-climbing and went out and camped one night on the Agawa River. We didn’t get to do the whole trail. Paul did later that year (in the fall =).

  3. ok…. silly me just found this…. i Know.. you are laughing cause I’m so technically challenged… but you are amazing … I’ve just been reading and am reminded of how INCREDIBLE you are. BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING… I’m SO thankful I GET to call you friend.
    LOVE YOU.me

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