They’re wa-atching you!

As you focus on the real meaning of Christmas, remember to include your kids.

If you spend your time focusing on the “best deals” ~ they’ll learn to do that from you.

If you spend your time picking out what you want for Christmas ~ they’ll learn to do that from you.

If you are spending less to give more ~ they’ll learn to do that from you.

If you volunteer your time to help the poor/elderly/widowed/orphaned ~ they’ll learn to do that from you.

If you invite a friend to join you on Christmas Eve ~ they’ll see that and learn to do that from you.

Let’s teach our kids the real reason why we celebrate December 25th.  The birth of Jesus, who brings us hope, love, joy, and forgiveness!  What a time to celebrate our Savior!



Edible Dough

I’m home today with a sick kid, trapped inside.  I wonder how many of you are in the same boat.  OR Maybe Hopefully you’re just up for some fun with your kids without leaving the house.  My daughter’s still in the stage of eating everything but food that she can get her hands on.  While searching for something, I came across this edible dough (not the peanut butter one – Idon’t keep dried milk on hand and honey’s too expensive for a play afternoon!).  Therecipe calls for a cake mix.  Interesting, eh!  I usually have a cake mix on hand.

Thought I’d share.  I’ll let you know how it goes for us.

PS, keep your eyes peeled for an update this week on the Journey Kids Christmas project!  I’m posting it later this week if you missed it on Sunday.


Christmas Ornaments & Bibles

Virginia 1981

When I was a kid we would make Christmas ornaments out of salt-dough.  I just ran across my handprint from 1981.  I’m looking forward to doing that with my kids.  Here’s a recipe I found online. Read the first review and she has some great ideas!  Turn on some Christmas music (Amazon is giving away one song a day all month) and make some ornaments.  Wrap it up by reading the Christmas story.  Here are a few Children’s Bibles for different ages:

For young kids:

Read with me Bible


The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name

1st-5th Graders:

Adventure Bible


The Adventure Bible Junior

There are lots of other great Bibles our there for kids.  There are even some specifically for boys and some for girls!  Check them out at Hage’s Bookstore on Harvey Street (just north of Target).

It’s official

I’m weird.

Check out this post  on Children’s Ministry Online.

It’s about me.  Yep, in case you ever wondered about me, now you know for sure!  I’m weird.

I started reading the George Barna book “Revolutionary Parenting” this weekend and will let you know how it goes.  (Actually, it kept me up last night).

And the bidet – it is cleaning our kids diapers great!

Oh, and one more thing, Kenny’s blog and a bunch of others are always linked on my sidebar.  Check them out!

Not an hour….eternity

Talking with people this week made me realize how quickly people can loose sight of what we do in Journey Kids.  Without the vision and “keeping the end in mind” a lot of volunteers can forget why they get up an hour early during the week, or come in and fill out supply buckets once a month.  The hour a week that volunteers are investing in our kids is not just to ‘babysitting’. It’s all about eternity.  We have to make sure we keep the end in mind.  What will really matter in 100 years?  The extra hour of tv or sleep?  Or could it be seeing kids trust in Jesus for the first time.  Showing kids God’s love.  Letting God use you in the life of another.

Remember that when you’re changing diapers or calming down a group of 3rd graders.  It’s more than just about us.  It’s BIGGER than that.  It’s all about an eternity with Jesus.

Next Steps Night: Coming Soon

I hope you’ve already penciled in the Next Steps Night coming this month on October 24th, 6:30pm-7:30pm.

There are 3 different choices and one of them has to do with families and parenting.  Matt & Stephanie (along with others) are going to go through some common (and seemingly simple and small) things that you can do that will help you in the chaos of raising children.  You’ll catch some great practical advice from the perspective of a teacher, nurse and more.  Click on the link above for more specifics in the Journey Sheet.