What a week!

Well, just over a week ago we were challenged as a church to pray for God to do something big, something that only He could do.  My family and I feel like we’re living that right now.  Sunday morning I was hanging out in the 1st-5th grade room when I started seeing kids with 4 eyes and got dizzy.  A few other weird things happened and I was out the door within minutes headed to the Medi-Center where I was told it was probably just the start of a migraine.  The Dr. sent (made me go) to the emergency room for a routine Cat Scan.  A few hours and tests later I was diagnosed with Meningioma – a non-cancerous brain tumor.  

Talk about a shocker!  It didn’t hit home until Monday evening.  We’ve had a few good cries and I felt like I wouldn’t be able to stop.  Where was my faith?  Where was my trust in God through this?  Where was the peace that God could give me?  Well, that peace came yesterday.  Yesterday morning I cried some more on the way to the hospital to learn more about what will be happening and schedule the surgery.  After that Paul, Eliana and I just enjoyed the entire afternoon running to the beach, out to lunch and up to Hesperia.  During that time our conversations were full of peace – and we know it was the peace of God.  We talked candidly about the fact that every breath is a gift – and we don’t know when our time to leave this earth will be, but it will be in God’s timing.  We know God has His plan and it’s much bigger than me.  If anybody knows me, they know that I can have issues with anxiety, so even writing this is a huge deal for me.  I’m not crying, I’m not anxious – and that fact alone is a God thing!  God is real and present in our lives.  Even more, God is showing Himself to us through the tiniest gestures (emails, posts, etc.)  Thank you for praying and allowing God to use you in our lives.  Prayer is the biggest gift you could give me right now.  I’m sure I’ll still have moments when I’m scared in the next few weeks, so I do appreciate your prayers for peace, safety, healing and that God would do something BIG through this.  I’m not the first to have this surgery and I’m sure I’m not the last to have it.  It makes me realize how much people are going through as we just walk through our lives.  

Know that God is real.  His peace is real and His forgiveness is real.  Real and Big!

Don’t take for granted what God has given you.  Enjoy the moments you’ve been given.

Jesus is our Comforter….

Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do.  On the informational side – my surgery is next Thursday morning.