Not an hour….eternity

Talking with people this week made me realize how quickly people can loose sight of what we do in Journey Kids.  Without the vision and “keeping the end in mind” a lot of volunteers can forget why they get up an hour early during the week, or come in and fill out supply buckets once a month.  The hour a week that volunteers are investing in our kids is not just to ‘babysitting’. It’s all about eternity.  We have to make sure we keep the end in mind.  What will really matter in 100 years?  The extra hour of tv or sleep?  Or could it be seeing kids trust in Jesus for the first time.  Showing kids God’s love.  Letting God use you in the life of another.

Remember that when you’re changing diapers or calming down a group of 3rd graders.  It’s more than just about us.  It’s BIGGER than that.  It’s all about an eternity with Jesus.


Equipping the Family


So, you may hear this phrase, equipping the family, but what does that mean?  Well, lets talk about why, what it’s not, and finally dream about what it is.  A lot of these discussion points can be found in a book called Think Orange by Reggie Joiner and the ReThink Group.  I highly recommend reading it.  

As the church we only have an average of 40 hours a week any given year with your child.  As parents, you have over 3000!  Imagine that!  Now, at The Journey it is our desire to make the one hour we have the best hour of their week, sharing Jesus’ love and truths.  We want to help you with the 3000 you have.  

I don’t feel like equipping you is throwing a bunch of things at you and expecting that you radically change everything in the matter of one day.  It’s an overwhelming thing to think about for most parents, scared you’ll say something wrong or you don’t know “all the Bible stories”, so you do nothing.  What good does that do?  Jesus used fisherman and the “outsiders” not the educated & religious.  Don’t feel intimidated.  Take small steps.   Continue reading

Replace Yourself

We’re careful about the words we use at The Journey.  We specifically try not to speak “churchy” words, or words that you have to be in “the know” to know what we’re talking about.  Do we do the same when talking about Leadership?  Do we go over our volunteers heads when we talk about “Replacing Ourselves”? ( It does sound like we want them to find someone to take their spot so they can step down)…..let’s look at this to see what we really mean!

We really want everyone to ask someone to join you!  Have them check out what you’re doing for a week.  Invite them along for the hour.  If they like it, help them get plugged in.  Most people are waiting to connect, waiting to be asked to do something, wanting to be part of the team.  Ask them to join you!  Who knows, if you’re lead teaching in a room right now, the person you ask could be doing that next year alongside of you!  We’re growing quickly at The Journey.  As our numbers grow, so do the number of volunteers needed to connect with kids.  Looking to the future, we’re asking you to help us reach out to our future team members.  It’s an awesome thing to share Jesus with kids.  Aren’t you glad someone asked you?  

Who are 3 people you could ask to join you?  Think about it, and ask them this Sunday.

Fine Line

Looking and dreaming about 5, 3, & 1 year goals again today.  It’s a fine line, strategically planning what Journey Kids should look like.  God talks a lot about wisdom and counsel in the Bible.  As we’re taking this on, here are a few thoughts….

It’s a fine line, trusting in Jesus to do only what He can do & also be wise in planning and moving forward with what God has given you.  At what point do we stand and let God work and at what point do we move forward with diligence getting stuff done.  It’s hard to find the balance. (Except if you go to The Journey you remember that balance is a myth when it comes to things like this.)  When do we rely too much on ourselves to get the “tasks done” or do we do the opposite and sit back waiting for God to do everything.  (Which obviously isn’t what God has planned – we are the church!) Continue reading


journey kids

Have you ever noticed that in our society we look down on “know-it-alls,” yet we praise “do-it-alls”?  How did we come to the conclusion that it’s best to have the attitude that “I can do it all”?  How does that look in the church?  I know it’s hard for me to not get into that when there is a bunch of stuff to do by Sunday and I just do it myself.  Sometimes I do it because I know what I want done and it’ll be harder to pass off to a volunteer, afraid that it won’t get done, won’t be done the way I want it to be done, or I feel bad asking them to do something that I consider “a pain.”  How crazy is that?  

God made each of us unique and He says that we as His followers are the church.  He has gifted everyone in different ways.  Some are teachers, some are behind the scenes doers.  When I do something that someone else could do, I’m robbing them of the joy that God could bring by them serving.  For example, I just got together with someone who is going to organize the items for the kids rooms every week.  To me, it is a pain and I’m not very efficient at it.  To her, it’s something she is good at and is a way that she can volunteer, invest in kids behind the scenes and connect with other volunteers.  

We’ve been talking a lot about this stuff in our staff meetings.  What are we doing that we can ask someone else to do?  Not to just pass off work, but to invite others to join us, to invest in what God is doing, and to free us up to do what we’re best at.  What areas do you need to give up?  Where are you being a “do-it-all” and robbing someone else of the opportunity to volunteer and be a part of something bigger than themselves?


In Tony Morgan’s blog he talked about leadership today.  He’s challenging us to reflect on who or what we look to for leadership development.  That’s been something we’ve been talking about a lot as a staff lately.  How does leadership as God designed it to be look like through such different people?  How do each of us who have different personalities lead in our areas?  How does leadership in kids look the same and look different than that of the tech team?  In Tony’s blog he leaves with this statement;  You are not becoming the leader God designed you to be, however, if you are only learning about leadership from the books you read and the people you watch and your experiences along the way.”  So, stop reading this blog, put down the leadership book (one in my living room, one in the bedroom and one in the car) and follow God’s example.  Not that these aren’t great things, but I know I’m not seeking God first in this area.  I haven’t been reading the Bible to see how Jesus led.  How God had Moses or Abraham lead.  How does that look like in leadership in Journey Kids?  I know I need to reflect on this more.