Orange ’09 – Random notes listening….

  • “If you (as a leader) want your families to have a relationship with God, what does it look like in your life?” – Reggie Joiner
  • “You have baggage…don’t try and hide it from your children, let them see it!” – Reggie Joiner  (not like they don’t see it already)
  • Deuteronomy 6
  • “Moses is saying if you want the next generation to have an everyday kind of faith, than it has to be everyday!”….we need a daily experience with God!
  • 40 hours investing in kids, we’re a catalyst with these 40 hours…it’s priceless, very important, but if we want them to have an everyday kind of faith, than leverage the 40 hours against the 3000 that parents have.
  • How do we partner with parents effectively?  
  • Kids need another voice in their world.
  • “Every parent can do something more.”
  • What if a dad prays with his child once a week (when they were doing nothing before)…what an impact in their child’s life!
  • Don’t worry about the picture….don’t worry about the ideal. It’s about how God shows up and does only what he can do.  There’s a bigger story. – Reggie Joiner
  • God is a God of Restoration and Redemption!  
  • Trust that God will move in the lives of parents.  
  • Lean into families and help them understand the process.  
  • I’m gonna trust in God to write a different story with my life.
  • (Tear up the pictures of the ideal families.)