According to Jimmy – challenge part 1

I came to the 9:30 service this week with our (now) fam of four!  It was the first week in the series titled “According to Jimmy” – teachings out of the book of James.  In the message Paul challenged us to read through the book of James a few times.  Following that challenge, I’ve a few thoughts/reflections so far. Along with sharing a few things I have gleaned, I thought that I’d share some things that I do when I read the Bible.  It doesn’t mean that it’s the only way, they are just a few things I do sometimes.

Every time I read the Bible, God shows me different things, there’s always stuff that I need to work on.  A few things that I do when I read the Bible is pray that God opens my eyes, shows me what He wants to say, that I don’t just read it, but understand it and do it (huh, there’s a verse in James like this, eh!?)  I used to journal all of the time, but that has slipped out of my daily schedule.  I miss it, and the importance of it for me.  So, I’ll write down a few thoughts for you that would probably be a part of my journal entry.  Some things that stuck out to me from the last few chapters of James.

  • Don’t judge others.  (I can tend to judge family members rather quickly)
  • Trust in God, don’t waver.  (Do you remember my struggle I shared in “My Story“?)
  • Be patient, there will be many trials.  Stand firm.
  • “Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you.” (James 4:10)
  • PRAY – in every circumstance – healing, etc.

These are just a few short phrases sticking out.  We’ll see what else comes from James as the challenge continues.  This list above would take me a lifetime to even try to “master,” but thankfully it’s not possible on my own, or else I wouldn’t have to rely on God.  I have to PRAY and ask God to help me in these areas.  God can change me and my heart.)

A way I can keep these things in front of me is to write them on a card and put it by my kitchen sink/bathroom mirror/car.  (These are my key spots.)  So, between naps I’ll write these things down.  I’ll share some others things I do in another post.

Sorry if this post seems like a bunch of run-on sentences.  You can know that I am doing this with two kids and myself crammed in a chair.  =)  Hey, at least diapers are changed and one out of 3 are out of pajamas!