Skeptic Question #2

“Is it true that if someone who has committed a sin/crime so horrible and ask for forgiveness that they will in fact go to heaven?”

A sin is a sin….

Romans 3:23 says;

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

We’ve all messed up.  If there were sins that were too bad to be forgiven, where would the cutoff be?  Those who only lied?  How would we know what was “too bad” to be forgiven?  We’ve all sinned and are separated from God.  He can’t stand sin.  As a matter of fact, because of our sin, we’re separated from God

Romans 6:23 says

23For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in[a] Christ Jesus our Lord. Continue reading


Skeptic Question #1

Last Sunday we wrapped up our Skeptic Series at The Journey.  There were a few questions left so we split some of them up at our staff meeting yesterday and will be answering them on our blogs this week.  For today we have two questions:

“Does God really know if (we) can handle our trials?  Why (do some) have to go through so many (trials)?” Continue reading

Equipping the Family



Last Sunday we had our first iWonder after the 11 service.  That’s where kids and parents came to get some answers about God and hear God’s story.  A lot of you came with your kids and we had a great time.  We hear questions like “Will there be McDonald’s in Heaven?” to “How come when I pray to God, He doesn’t really answer?”  We had a family activity and ended with God’s story (& homework)!  What an awesome thing it is to share God’s story with others!  

Remember, conversations about God don’t have to be scary.  Ask your kids questions, play with modeling clay, it doesn’t have to be a perfect setting or look a certain way.  If you don’t know the answer, ask for help.  We’ll see what we can find/do to help you and your families take your next steps with Jesus.  Remember, none of us know all of the answers, so keep it up!  You know in the Bible it says to Love God and Love Others, if we do that, we’re on the right track.  What’s one thing that you can do with your family this week to live out loving God and loving others?  Have any ideas?  Leave a comment!

If you weren’t able to stay for iWonder, there are resource sheets available at the Journey Kids Check-In as well as below.  We have some also available for purchase at a small discount.  Bibles, Devotionals and Parenting books made the list.

iWonder Resource Sheet