Replace Yourself

We’re careful about the words we use at The Journey.  We specifically try not to speak “churchy” words, or words that you have to be in “the know” to know what we’re talking about.  Do we do the same when talking about Leadership?  Do we go over our volunteers heads when we talk about “Replacing Ourselves”? ( It does sound like we want them to find someone to take their spot so they can step down)…..let’s look at this to see what we really mean!

We really want everyone to ask someone to join you!  Have them check out what you’re doing for a week.  Invite them along for the hour.  If they like it, help them get plugged in.  Most people are waiting to connect, waiting to be asked to do something, wanting to be part of the team.  Ask them to join you!  Who knows, if you’re lead teaching in a room right now, the person you ask could be doing that next year alongside of you!  We’re growing quickly at The Journey.  As our numbers grow, so do the number of volunteers needed to connect with kids.  Looking to the future, we’re asking you to help us reach out to our future team members.  It’s an awesome thing to share Jesus with kids.  Aren’t you glad someone asked you?  

Who are 3 people you could ask to join you?  Think about it, and ask them this Sunday.