Not an hour….eternity

Talking with people this week made me realize how quickly people can loose sight of what we do in Journey Kids.  Without the vision and “keeping the end in mind” a lot of volunteers can forget why they get up an hour early during the week, or come in and fill out supply buckets once a month.  The hour a week that volunteers are investing in our kids is not just to ‘babysitting’. It’s all about eternity.  We have to make sure we keep the end in mind.  What will really matter in 100 years?  The extra hour of tv or sleep?  Or could it be seeing kids trust in Jesus for the first time.  Showing kids God’s love.  Letting God use you in the life of another.

Remember that when you’re changing diapers or calming down a group of 3rd graders.  It’s more than just about us.  It’s BIGGER than that.  It’s all about an eternity with Jesus.


Fine Line

Looking and dreaming about 5, 3, & 1 year goals again today.  It’s a fine line, strategically planning what Journey Kids should look like.  God talks a lot about wisdom and counsel in the Bible.  As we’re taking this on, here are a few thoughts….

It’s a fine line, trusting in Jesus to do only what He can do & also be wise in planning and moving forward with what God has given you.  At what point do we stand and let God work and at what point do we move forward with diligence getting stuff done.  It’s hard to find the balance. (Except if you go to The Journey you remember that balance is a myth when it comes to things like this.)  When do we rely too much on ourselves to get the “tasks done” or do we do the opposite and sit back waiting for God to do everything.  (Which obviously isn’t what God has planned – we are the church!) Continue reading