journey kids

Have you ever noticed that in our society we look down on “know-it-alls,” yet we praise “do-it-alls”?  How did we come to the conclusion that it’s best to have the attitude that “I can do it all”?  How does that look in the church?  I know it’s hard for me to not get into that when there is a bunch of stuff to do by Sunday and I just do it myself.  Sometimes I do it because I know what I want done and it’ll be harder to pass off to a volunteer, afraid that it won’t get done, won’t be done the way I want it to be done, or I feel bad asking them to do something that I consider “a pain.”  How crazy is that?  

God made each of us unique and He says that we as His followers are the church.  He has gifted everyone in different ways.  Some are teachers, some are behind the scenes doers.  When I do something that someone else could do, I’m robbing them of the joy that God could bring by them serving.  For example, I just got together with someone who is going to organize the items for the kids rooms every week.  To me, it is a pain and I’m not very efficient at it.  To her, it’s something she is good at and is a way that she can volunteer, invest in kids behind the scenes and connect with other volunteers.  

We’ve been talking a lot about this stuff in our staff meetings.  What are we doing that we can ask someone else to do?  Not to just pass off work, but to invite others to join us, to invest in what God is doing, and to free us up to do what we’re best at.  What areas do you need to give up?  Where are you being a “do-it-all” and robbing someone else of the opportunity to volunteer and be a part of something bigger than themselves?